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Cosy Creations India

Over the past two years, I have worked at my family owned business as the head Merchandiser and Product Designer for a Denmark based brand called Landing and managing manufacturing business worth over $150,000 per annum. The textile products I have developed for them include rugs, throws, bed linen and cushions that are now catering to Denmarks consumers on cyclic basis.

A selected sample for our collection to be developed as a rug for a client in Knightsbridge London


The Snake rug development process for

I arrived in London representing my family business as a part time professional. UK was one of the markets that our business did not expand in over the years but I had my eyes set on it. Walking around with a suitcase full of rug samples (its very heavy) trying to find a consumer in the country to partner with I have now successfully established business relations with reputed bespoke rug designers in London. Visiting textile trade shows and networking with existing and upcoming designer brands I have developed an instinctive understanding of the market from both the consumer and sellers perspective from product aesthetic to price points to successfully develop products in the right materials, textures all fitting in the desired price points.

Technical skills gathered in the process: 

- Establishing textile business network 

- Developing products in the clients price point

- Material and technique selection  

- Developing catalogues and presentations

- Developing CAD/drawing sheets in my own format

- Translating clients conversations into real life designs 

- Software skills (Photoshop, Illustrator, Texcelle, etc)

reaching out to the skies_Contemporary_Yashovardhan.png

I have also commenced work on a brand new collection of rugs inspired by the learnings I have gathered being in London. These are based on the trend analysis that I have conducted as a textile designer and sales consultant to specifically cater to the clientele based here. The attached images are from an upcoming collection of bespoke/made to order rugs called "Rug makers' son in London 22." 

More coming soon


Some of the products developed for are displayed in the images on the right hand side. See more on their instagram handle.

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