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Sales Consultant

Working as a Fabric Sales Consultant at HEALS Tottenham Court Road I gathered an in-depth + first hand understanding of their consumer in the United Kingdom for fabric/textile products like rugs, cushions, throws, bed linen, towels. Assisting the store management heads and buying teams with weekly trade reports and competitor analysis widened my understanding of the consumer trends for the listed products in the retail context. 

Pages from Rugs at Heals_Reflective Analysis_YashovardhanSharma_10072022.png

Exhibited the tribal rugs by personal initiative to present them to HEALS' customers at Tottenham Court rd. showroom


1. Introduction: Product in focus


2. Rugs Market Trend Analysis: London and beyond


3. The consumer at HEALS: First hand account of customer interaction


4. A partner in need- Tribal Rugs and Ligne Pure


5. Possible partner additions


6. HEALS product development and portfolio


7. A unique possibility- Solutions developed using Systemic Product & Service design thinking for enhancing product curation and sales


8. Conclusion

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