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Proposal Development Week 3

Proposal Pitch

Date: 23rd May, 2022

Transcript of the pitch:

Undertaking social change projects at MA Service Design, has directed my thinking towards delivering design solutions banking on design justice for a vast number of citizens that experience the impact of its disregard. One such domain is of fuel poverty which is increasingly impacting the lives of citizens who cannot do much about it as their difficulties are a complete misfit with London’s ambitious Net zero plans for 2030.

While issues like climate change need to be addressed as a priority, designed solutions should not omit the fact that delivering technology driven cost heavy- sustainable heating solutions enforced by policy that restricts the use of traditional heating techniques are exposing a large number of London’s own citizens to harsh winters.

As a service designer, I feel the importance is in having conversations with numerous stakeholders like Borough councils, green energy companies, Policy labs and people’s representatives in organisations- both public and private that aim to deliver sustainable solutions that do not cost us human currency and/or are rather driven to appreciate aspects of community building to overcome social and environmental evils.

Thanks for watching. If you feel that you can add to the conversation on this topic or aid my project in any way, please feel free to reach out to me.


Slides from the Video:

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