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Coins & the Hat

A User Centred Research and service design project enabled by collaborative profile building service focused on recognising & exchanging learning through performance and story telling based on life experiences. 


We developed “Coins & the Hat” as a skill based profile building service for Camden’s street artists and buskers. The service revolves around aspects of co-design used to deliver a profile building workshop for the street artists that is proposed to be offered by a collaboration between Busk in London and Camden Council through Public Collaboration Lab, in both outdoor and indoor public spaces. It’s coming together will not only create a relationship based on exchange between the people associated to the Council (local community) and buskers to recognise soft skills but also enable the narrative of Camden being London’s cultural capital come back to life in a rather co-existing manner.

This report throws light on our interpretation and revised usage of design thinking tools and service design methodologies. It shows the back and forth movement between the stages of the Double Diamond method to inform our design progression until the delivery- testing and validation of our second prototype with real users.

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