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by Yashovardhan

The rug atelier is a dream project that I am working on. I inherited the craft of rug making from my forefathers and I intend to embrace their efforts by introducing the world to their remarkable understanding and utmost devotion to the craft. 

As I work on constructing and launching my own collection- "therugmaker'son," I am helping out clients with rug selection, procurement and development. The three services listed below are my way of helping people understand the craft and help it find its diminishing glory while I help my clients make the correct choice and look at each rug as a piece of treasure in their home that they will pass on to their coming generations. I grew up playing on rugs my father made. That joy of having this small sense of association with an object. That... is what I aim at delivering. 

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CO-llab artist call

Join the CO-llab as an artist or designer today. Limited slots available 


Allow us to choose the perfect match from our collection of fine handcrafted rugs 

Rug Consultation Service

The Rugmaker's Son 2022

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