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Oonch Neech

A project that employs storytelling as an agency to communicate the post colonial scenario of India’s Rug making world. Showcased as the opening performance at the AA School of Architecture Summer School exhibition, it has translated into a project that is very close to my heart.


The rug atelier is a dream project that I am working on. I inherited the craft of rug making from my forefathers and I intend to embrace their efforts by introducing the world to their remarkable understanding and utmost devotion to the craft. As I work on constructing and launching my own collection- "therugmaker'son," I am helping out clients with rug selection, procurement and developmentThe studio is also my effort of introducing our traditional ethos to the technological world utilising my professional training in user experience, product and service design.


Heals- Textile Sales Consultant

Working as a Fabric Sales Consultant at HEALS Tottenham Court Road I gathered an in-depth + first hand understanding of their consumer in the United Kingdom for fabric/textile products like rugs, cushions, throws, bed linen, towels. Assisting the store management heads and buying teams with weekly trade reports and competitor analysis widened my understanding of the consumer trends for the listed products in the retail context. 


Over the past two years, I have worked at my family owned business as the head Merchandiser and Product Designer for a Denmark based brand called Landing and managing manufacturing business worth over $150,000 per annum. The textile products I have developed for them include rugs, throws, bed linen and cushions that are now catering to Denmarks consumers on cyclic basis.

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